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About Us

CABARET is almost entirely an individual one-on-one experience, a distinct art form with a structure and characteristics all its own.

There is an exchange of trust in cabaret between audiences and performers that is very personal that exists in no other medium. Cabaret demands attention,involvement and emotional response. It is a unique performance style designed to engage the audience intimately and closely in the performance itself.

In a concert or a recital hall it is the music that counts, in cabaret it is words that come first,which is why the songwriters and lyricists play such an important part in THE CABARET ROOM.

THE CABARET ROOM is there to reflect the cabaret scene of today in the USA, where it has been attracting audiences in many of the main cities, such as Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, San Francisco,Washington.D.C, but especially New York.

The reason for this is it has a gigantic pool of talent drawn from the Broadway stage where most of the cabaret performers come from. That, and the blurring of edges between cabaret and jazz in recent years has produced a degree of fusion that is working in both directions.

The term jazz singer has broadened and cabaret and jazz audiences mix and meet in the middle of this. Because of these factors there are hundreds of performers (both singers and musicians) unknown to the radio listening audience in the UK and elsewhere,as there is no programme devoted to these artists,which is the main purpose of highlighting both the talent and the genre in this THE CABARET ROOM website.

Laurie Stead

New York News

Nancy Harms - Birdland, New YorkNANCY HARMS
Born and raised in Minnesota, Harms recently relocated to New York City, where she made her jazz club debut in 2010 in the Village's - The Bar Next Door as well as featuring in such leading venues as Birdland, Kitano, Zinc Bar, Smalls Jazz Club, Vivaldi’s and many, many more…

Venue : Birdland Theatre, New York
Date : 14th January 2019
Doors Open: 7:00 pm
Show Time: 8:30 pm

(check the website for further detials)

London News

 KT Sullivan 'Kernucopia In Swing Time' - Pizza Express, Soho LondonKT SULLIVAN
KT Sullivan, in her show 'Kernucopia In Swing Time', spotlights the master melodist Jerome Kern with some obscure songs like 'Raggedy Ann', 'My Husband’s First Wife', and 'Bungalow In “Quogue”' (with lyrics by P.G. Wodehouse) as well as warhorses like 'Can’t Help Loving That Man', 'The Last Time I Saw Paris', 'A Fine Romance', 'I’m Old Fashioned', 'All the Things You Are' and yes, even 'Old Man River'. She’ll be accompanied by legendary jazzman Jon Weber, so there will assuredly be Time for Swing.

Venue : The Pheasantry (Chelsea) - London
Date : 18th - 19th January 2019
Doors Open: 7:00 pm
Show Time
: 8:30 pm

(check the website for further detials)

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ALBUM OF THE MONTH: Lorraine Feather - Math Camp



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